Win fantastic prizes

Collect tickets for our
weekly prize raffle

Every week you will be given a set of tasks such as "make a forum post" or "watch a video". For each task you complete you earn tickets to a weekly raffle in which you can win an Apple device, digital software on STEAM or one of the cash prizes up to $50.


Complete the tasks from your task list, the more the better.

Collect raffle tickets for each task you have completed.

 The more tickets you earn, the higher your chance to win.

How does it work?

Your tasksClick on the orange circle in the website header to open a list of all tasks that are currently available to you. The number in the circle indicates the number of tasks you are yet to complete and can still earn tickets for.

Each task in the list provides you with instructions on how to complete it and how many raffle tickets you will be awarded.


Next raffleEvery week on Sunday at midnight, you'll take part in a raffle with all the tickets you earned during the week. All tickets go into a pot and we randomly pick a winner. This means: the more tickets you collect, the higher your chance to win.

Details on how much time you have left until the next raffle and how many tickets you've already collected for the next raffle can also be found when clicking the orange circle in the website header.


Raffle prizes

Every week one lucky winner will be pocketing a brand new Apple device or multiple games on STEAM, while nine other winners will be drawn and awarded a cash prize between $10 and $50 (see the table below). The money will then be added to each winner's Tell-a-Friend account.

1 Apple iPad or Watch, STEAM games
2 $50
3-10 $10
Extra 1 month PokerSnowie

Questions & answers

Who can participate?

Every registered member of can participate, other than members that were excluded from our Tell-a-Friend program and full time employees.

When is the raffle?

Every Sunday at midnight.

Who picks the winner?

Who picks the winner? Do we get a photo of her? It's computerised, just a box with wires inside, nothing exciting to see.

How do I know if I won?

We'll publish a news with the previous week's winner every Monday. We will also contact you via customer service ticket.

Your tasks and tickets

In the table below you find an overview of all tasks, and the conditions you need to meet to complete the task.

TaskTicketsSpecial requirements
Write 1 forum post 5 Minimum 30 characters
Write 5 forum posts 5 Minimum 30 characters
Write 10 forum posts 20 Minimum 30 characters
Write 1 post in the strategy or hand discussion forums 5 Minimum 30 characters
Write 1 news comment 5 Minimum 30 characters
Write 5 news comments 5 Minimum 30 characters
Write 10 news comments 10 Minimum 30 characters
Earn 1 StrategyPoint 1 -
Watch 1 video 1 -
Visit 1 coaching 5 -
1st time silver 10 Reach Silver status for the first time
1st time gold 10 Reach Gold status for the first time
Claim your free poker money 10 Get your starting capital
Read a strategy article 1 -
Write 1 video comment 1 Minimum 30 characters
Make your first referal 10 Your first refered player registers an account via our Tell-a-Friend system
Refer 1 new player 10 Use Tell-a-Friend to refer 1 new player who receives the free starting capital
Refer 2 new player 10 Use Tell-a-Friend to refer 2 new players who receive the free starting capital
Refer 3 new player 20 Use Tell-a-Friend to refer 3 new players who receive the free starting capital

Promotional Terms and Conditions

Terms&ConditionsClose Open

The qualification period for the weekly raffle will commence each Monday at 00:01 UTC and close each Monday at 00.00 UTC (the “Promotional Period”).

The raffle prizes are subject to change and are being announced on Mondays for the current week via our news articles, then raffled on the following Monday.

How to enter

1. In order to participate in the Weekly Raffle you must:

a. be at least 18 years of age;

b. be a registered member with a status of “BASIC” or higher;

c. not be excluded from the “Tell-a-Friend” programme; and

d. comply, at all times, with these and all other terms and conditions.

2. Entrance to the raffle is by virtual “tickets”, which can be earned by completing specific tasks which shall publish on its website (“Tasks”).

3. For each task completed to the sole satisfaction of a certain number of predetermined “tickets” will be awarded to the participant.

4. Any prizes awarded must be claimed by the relevant participants within 30 days of the date of the Weekly Raffle, any prizes not claimed within this time will be subject to forfeit.


5. reserves the right to exclude any individual from participating in the Weekly Raffle for any reason whatsoever including, but not limited to, spamming of forums, creation of fake user accounts, fraudulent activity, breach of any terms and conditions etc.

6. reserves the right to make any changes to the tasks, Weekly Raffle prizes and/or prize structure as it sees fit including, but not limited to, substituting any prize awarded for another of equal or greater value, or its equivalent cash value.

7. shall not be liable to any Weekly Raffle participants for any errors and/or omissions in Task descriptions, or for any other reason whatsoever.

8. Any taxes due in connection with any Weekly Raffle prizes (including any VAT and/or import duty) are the sole responsibility and liability of the winner(s).

9. By participating in the Weekly Raffle and indicating that you wish to accept any prizes awarded to you, you are specifically agreeing to be bound by these promotional terms and conditions.